Mimie Kay Enterprise specialize in extension and wall partition for both house and offices. These renovation vary with different projects and are customized according to customers’ needs. We share the best ideas and concept while doing extension and stone installation for your house renovation or wall partition for your offices renovation. Our contractors will ensure that your project is completed on a timely basis and per your request.

Extension and Partition Services

Firstly, we bring out the hidden potential of your house with quality and affordable extension work. We can also plan and design the modern extension work that is functional and design-worthy. Besides that, our expert and professional contractors divide the entire extension process effectively for faster and hassle-free completion of the project.

Features of Extension and Wall Partitions

In addition, our architects design and bring out the beauty of all types of wall partition. Also, we guide our customers with the most functionable partition designs and ultimate spacious look. If you want spaces with privacy and cosiness, get the right partitions that suit the interior décor. This is because we create spaces that are unique, beautiful, and functioning.

Finally, we are renowned in providing the clients with customized wall partitions that are well suited with their requirement and need. We also offer office renovation with wall partition that is less noisy, exclusively private and a feel of a large room. Last but not least, we will ensure your renovated unit is spacious and well ventilated after the partitions are built.

Look no further, we are your best one stop renovation solution in Klang Valley. Leave your extension renovation and wall partition for your offices to us. We assure you of a spacious unit at the most affordable price.