House or Office Extension Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

People opt for a house or office extension in KL for various reasons. The reasons may vary as per the requirement like in order to create more floor space or to add architectural design value to your home. Old constructions or unplanned constructions have hidden potential. Such constructions when renovated or extended make the home a happy place to live in. Before proceeding with the extension, some noteworthy tips that should be taken care are-


  • Define your need and proceed with the plan accordingly
  • Arrange for at least the estimated budget
  • Consult the experts regarding what suits the best
  • Evaluate the valuation of the extension, like as you are spending a huge amount, is it worth it
  • Stress on the structural building before decorating with architecture
  • Hire the constructor that has good past record of carrying out extension
  • Pre-plan the positioning of the doors and windows
  • Try to opt for a fixed price contract
  • Differentiate between “Extension” and “Replacement”
  • Decide the amount of area you want to extend

When everything is planned properly, it would for sure save a considerable amount of money and time.


  • Out of excitement of seeing a new architecture for your home or office, do not take decision or action that might put you through trouble. Therefore, some of the points that direct what should not be done are-
  • Never ignore the insurance of the site and the home. Ensure that the contractor covers the maximum
  • Never ever forget what is present in the contract.
  • Do not always opt for the lowest quotes for the extension work as the best contractors might not be too cheap
  • Avoid improper planning of the interior division. Build bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and halls accordingly.
  • Avoid stressing out with budget. For this, ensure that the plan and design of the extension is proper.
  • Do not go for any sort of advance payment for any type of work.
  • Drop your plan of extension if the extension does not suit the building. A new extension plan might result in hefty overspending of the money

A well-planned extension work will provide you with great satisfaction and will add value to your property.

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