Are you staying in a house that needs a make over? Are the walls of your house soaking with moisture? Do you wish to give your house a modern look? Well, house renovation is the only solution. We can help you uplift your old house to the modern day living.

First of all, our team of highly skilled and expert contractors can design a proper layout that gives air ventilation and an open space. In addition, for an old house, our contractors perform a well-planned extension work. Sometimes it is just that the old house has a lot of unused space. Our team can design these potentially unused areas into usable areas.

The different types of services included in house renovation and extension are-

  • Firstly, carving out an extended balcony for the top floors
  • Secondly, extending the terrace to a loft, or kitchen to the backyard
  • Next, renovation work done for the hall or the bathroom
  • Besides that, exterior house renovation
  • Last but not least, conservation work carried out for old houses

We can assure the client of high quality work by our most skilled contractors. Our contractors are also highly skilled with wetwork. In addition, we will also give the walls and floors a tile finishing. Most of all, select the tiles of your choice; our tiling contractors will give the best finishing to the floors and walls of your bathrooms, kitchens and rooms.

Mimie Kay’s reliability has made it one of the most reputable contractors in Kuala Lumpur. Our best value for money services have fulfilled the desires of many clients and given them a nicely renovated house. We ensures that all the client’s criteria are fulfilled elegantly.