Are you thinking of office renovation expansion to hire more staffs in order to expand your business? Either to give your employee the open space to work in or an open and well-ventilated space is necessary to yield productivity for an office.

The designers at Mimie Kay Enterprise can provide you with the creative ideas and design office renovation solution for your office. Office renovation work is the collection of a series of renovation and extension that provides the office with a perfect corporate status. In summary, the renovation works for the interior of office include-

  • Revamping of ceiling
  • Renovation of floors and walls
  • Creating spacious designed partitions for the employees

Most of all, an attractive front office desk with a featured wall is the first impression that a person gets whenever he visits the office. Therefore, we design and renovate the front desk for your office to give a corporate look.

Professional Office Design

First of all, Mimie Kay Enterprise will ensure that the meeting rooms in your office renovation are well designed. The layout and design for your meeting room in such a way that they are impressive and exclusively professional. Besides that, the meeting rooms are provided with all the provisions and attachments.

Secondly, waiting rooms are the mainstay of any corporate office. The designers and the contractors of Mimie Kay Enterprise ensure a beautifully renovated, properly designed and a modern looking waiting room. At present, our designers are stressing on the concept of a modern, open space office. We design, renovate the old office sanctum to a modern looking comfortable, work-friendly open space office.

Last but not least, be assured that your project is in the safe hands, and the work is completed flawlessly and on time. Thus, irrespective of the shape and size of the office hall, we will provide you with the best quality of the office renovation work.