Painting services in Kuala Lumpur can be hassle free and easy. Mimie Kay is your best choice, known for its quality and timely delivery. Our painting contractor will provide you with expert consultation on colours, materials and cost when they take up the project of painting your home or office. We are highly skilled and often delivers the project within the required period.

With our experts, every painting jobs is easy:

  • Choose the service package
  • Get expert advice on colours and materials
  • Finish your project within a time frame and budget

We promise to complete the entire painting jobs from start to the end. Our trained painting contractor will provide the best finishing and texture as well as providing you stress-free painting services.

The key features are-

  • Firstly, full time project coordination, supervision and coordination
  • Secondly, providing consultation on painting services like suggestions and feedback
  • Next, guidance on choosing shade and texture for interior decor
  • In addition, guidance on shade matching and shade development with a customized approach
  • Last but not least, making sure your expensive flooring is not ruined by paints by using cleaner methods of painting

With the experts from Mimie Kay Enterprise, you get the opportunity to paint your dream. We have the latest decor ideas customised for you, as well as painting of the interiors and exteriors that reflects the individuality.

Avoid Hassle and Heartache, Hire the Professionals

Painting is a work that is highly reliant on the workmanship and skills of the painting labor. Hence, to achieve aesthetic effect of a newly painted house or walls, it is important to ensure that the person knows the different types of brush to use, the color effect to use as well as the correct way to paint. You may attempt to do-it-yourself, if you are confident about doing a good paint job. However, do bear the risk of your house or offices needing to rework and repaint. Thus, to avoid the hassle and heartache, do hire the professionals like us to help you manage and paint your dream house.