Install & Repair Plaster Ceiling

Do you have the problem of sagging roofs, cracked ceiling walls or damaged ceilings? You are just at the right place. Mimie Kay specializes in all types of plaster ceiling. We are proudly serving our valuable clients with our services like plaster ceiling installation, plaster ceiling repair, and cracked plaster ceiling.

No longer were the days where the plaster ceiling installed were just plain plaster. Nowadays, people expect to see designs as well as modern feel. In addition, it also allows the owner of the house to put in light drafts to add in the ambience of the room. Besides that, some people uses this to hide some unwanted scenes of seeing the beam of the house, by using plaster effect to hide it.

At Mimie Kay, you will find-

  • Firstly, usage of superior quality of material
  • Besides that, super fine quality of designer
  • Also, safe and clean working environment
  • Last but not least, an excellent client suggestion and service

Mimie Kay provides you with a range of services that include:

  • Firstly, installations of new Ceiling Unit
  • Besides that, ceiling Fit-Outs
  • In addition, ceiling maintenance for old residential houses or commercial buildings
  • Also including all sorts of renovation of the ceiling
  • Kitchen and room ceiling design
  • Replacing an old ceiling by a new one
  • Lastly, saggy Ceiling repair

Our Expertise in Plaster Ceiling

Mimie Kay Enterprise has a huge experience and expertise in the install and repair of the cracked plaster ceiling. Over the years, we have surged as one of the most reputable and leading plaster repair contractors. Hence, we boast a team of very high skilled artisans and a fully coordinated supervisory team.

Apart from repair, we look after the designing of the ceiling too. Our designers have created a variety of customized, affordable exterior and interior ceiling finishes. The designs are the blend of the usage of premium quality materials and on an easy budgetary allocation.

In addition, our dedicated team always strives to achieve the excellence and perform beyond our clients’ expectations.