Mimie Kay is one of the renowned shop contractor, specializing in all types of shop renovation such as restaurants, retail lots in shopping mall, international school, colleges or even hotel and resorts. A new look with newly furnished shop, will give your customers a positive shopping experience. Thus, the renovation will help provide customer satisfaction and continue to shop, hence contributing to the hike in sales and profits.

Shop Renovation & Retail Lot Shopping Mall Renovation

With our free consultancy, you can get the benefit of advise on renovation shop. In cases of shop renovation and shopping mall renovation, we will guide you in designing the layout of your store. Our designs are simple, giving you ample space to keep your products on display. This helps the customers to find the product of their need easily and without wasting time. In addition, a renovated retail place looks spacious and more lighted than it used to be before. This will give customers the feel good feeling.

School Renovation / College Renovation

The next type of renovation is school or college renovation. This type of renovation allows the students a healthy environment to study. These help to:

  • firstly, give the students a healthy environment to grow
  • next, keep the school or college facilities clean
  • lastly, run the college or school safely and smoothly

Hotel Resort Renovation

Another type is hotel or resort renovation. Let your tourists have a pleasant stay for their vacation or business trip. With hotel or resort renovation, this gives your clients a relaxing atmosphere. It also helps you upgrade the hotel design and layout, hence giving a better comfort to the visitors. Besides that, it also gives a pleasing atmosphere for the guests. This includes:

  • Renovating hotel rooms to provide maximum comfort and style
  • Renovation of hotel bathrooms
  • Front desk renovation to have warmth reception

Restaurant Renovation

Moreover, for the restaurant owner, renovation is the best option to uplift the look of the interiors of the cafe. The new look draws maximum clients’ satisfaction by giving a better dining ambiance. Thus, it helps gain more businesses as well.