For several years, Mimie Kay Enterprise has been providing a high quality stone installation and masonry work. Stonework needs quality and skilled artisanship who can give the stone a gorgeous finish after the installation process. Therefore, a stone installation specialist has the required skill and expertise needed to give the surface a long lasting finish that would stand different and will not grow old with time. Our skilled stone installation specialist has a great aesthetic sense to give you a high standard of finished work.

In any house renovation, marble and stone installation needs a high level of precision and measurement. A skilled stone or marble installation specialist gives the best finishing with minimum wastage of the stones or marbles. In addition, our team boasts of having the fully trained and qualified labor force providing you with the best results and efficient and economic service. It is because of them that we are the reputed choice when it comes to stone installations, no matter how big or small the project is.


Our services include-

  • Firstly, stone installation
  • Secondly, marble installation
  • Thirdly, brick installation
  • Forthly, paving the pedestals
  • Then, stone layouts and design consultancy
  • Other than that, stone repair and maintenance
  • Also, floor and wall tiling
  • Lastly, mosaics

Brick texture specifically in stone installation is the art that many interior designer looked for everyday. With our brick installation specialist you can get your brick slip installed and exterior cladding done in the most stylish way. Our artisans will carve out the best style without altering the quality.

Regardless if it is a commercial or residential, we provide installation at both the places. We also carry out the routine maintenance to increase the longevity and originality.