Customize your floor according to your own individual style, and taste from the numerous option of tile combination to choose from. Mimie Kay Enterprise is a fully experienced and professional contractor catering to all types of internal and external stone installation and tiling services. We, with our expertise, explore the creativity and adaptability of the tiles in every aspect.

Therefore, tiling is always a tough task. With the expert tile installer, give your residential or the commercial shop unit a stylish touch. Hence, tile flooring is a perfect example of giving the floors the required beauty and practicability.

Types of Tiling Services

We are specialized in all sorts of tiling services like:-

  • Firstly, kitchen tiling
  • Secondly, bathroom tiling
  • Thirdly outdoor stone and tile
  • Then, exterior wall stone and tile
  • After that, fireplace Tiling
  • Besides that, living room stone and tile
  • Last but not least, swimming pool tiling

In addition, we are specialists in using different materials that range from-

  • Firstly, ceramics
  • Secondly, metals
  • Thirdly, glass
  • Fourthly, porcelain
  • Then, natural Stone and Limestone
  • Besides that, slate or Granite
  • Lastly, marble

Mimie Kay Enterprise also helps its clients with maintenance work. We are an expert from the industry who deals with preparing to restoration to cleaning, as well as all types of possible tiling services. Our fully trained and experienced tile installer provides the clients with the best advice and reliable services on installation, design, color, restoration and polishing. In addition, we take care that the service is perfect and any imperfection or uneven tiling service is attended immediately to ensure a well-finished and polished surface.

Conclusion, tiling services alway give a renovated unit, a nice look and feel, as well as easy to maintain. The person to easily clean the wall and floor if there is any spills, as compared to if a carpet is installed or a painted wall.