In order to provide a complete renovation solution to its customer, Mimie Kay also provides wiring services, on top of the normal house renovation, office renovation and shop renovation. We cater to all your needs in being your electrician specialist. We ensure a safe living by attending the problems arising due to electrical failures or wiring faults. You need to always carefully plan your wiring systems during your renovation project, to avoid major rework after everything has been installed and the wall nicely painted.

We offer professional help in case of repairing and replacement of any malfunctioning electrical parts or connection. Our professional expert team is always ready to advise and serve you on electrical and lighting requirements.

Prolong usage wears and damages the electrical wires and cables. We will manage your house rewiring request and assured you of a secured stay. We provide expert consultancy, electrical wiring and installation services that includes-

  • Firstly, installing new cables
  • Secondly, wiring and installation of power sockets
  • Thirdly, wiring and installation of power switches like light, heater
  • Then, installation and wiring of switchboards, circuit breakers
  • Finally, wiring and re-wiring of lighting and other electrical appliances

In addition, proper lighting facilitates proper vision and adds a charm to a building. Also. we will provide you with expert guidance on installation of lighting and lighting equipment – for both interior and exterior.

Apart from, electrical wiring installation, our electrical contractors are adept in carrying out the maintenance work of the electrical wiring and equipment. We are committed to provide our esteemed clients with quality products, services and commitments.